Winser London has launched!

The much-awaited collection has finally launched at, where you can purchase wardrobe staples made out of luxurious fabrics that can easily fit into any wardrobe.  Yasmin is the face of Winser London in a campaign shot by Roger Rich, and she was interviewed at the photo shoot by founder Kim Winser about her personal style and her favorite pieces from the collection.  Here are some tidbits, but you can read the entire interview on Winser London‘s website:

“The beauty of fashion and design is there to be enjoyed, it is not meant to be deep and meaningful, it is about the beauty of fashion design.  It’s meant to be a much more emotional thing – it’s all about emotion and enjoyment.”

“You’ve got to have fun and I am also happy to make mistakes, or what other people think are mistakes, I just love that!”

in response to what she loves about clothes: “I think the older you get the more you start looking at detail, you just can’t help it, it is about the cut and fit. The way something makes you feel starts to become more and more important, the quality of beautiful fabrics makes a real difference.”


“I love the sensuality of the cashmere and the way it feels on you and the way people touch you when you’re wearing cashmere, really beautiful quality cashmere like this of course is my real desire… Sounds like we’re getting risqué here but it is true people want to cuddle you more and they want to touch you when your clothes feel amazing next to your skin.”


when asked about her favorite picture from the shoot: “The last picture was really beautiful and it’s quite hard to get a shot like that out of me at my age. I was delighted to be naked with your cashmere, even on concrete floor! I like some of the more playful ones too with the silk shirt and pants and your pearls, and I loved the shoot but its nothing to do with me, it’s all to do with the team and the garments. Roger is a special photographer too.”

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Check out all the campaign images on Yasmin’s official site.