Madame Figaro 17 June 2016

(updated 18 June 2016)

A little over a week after appearing in the latest issue of Italian Vogue, Yasmin not only appears in but covers the 17 June 2016 issue of Madame Figaro!  (Can you believe this woman is 51??)

Yasmin Le Bon: La vie rêvée d’une icône
Madame Figaro 17 June 2016
photographer: John-Paul Pietrus
stylist: Franck Benhamou
hair: Asashi @ Caren
makeup: Adam De Cruz
manicure: Cherrie Snow
All clothes are from the Giorgio Armani New Normal collection.

Read the interview, translated from French (PDF)

You can download the entire magazine (for a fee) on Madame Figaro’s website.

Below: unpublished images from Madame Figaro

Vogue Italia June 2016

Yasmin and Amber were shot by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Joe McKenna for the June 2016 issue of Vogue Italia, for which Sorrenti has included a collection of photos of family members including Kate Moss and daughter Lila Grace.  This is Yasmin’s first time working with Sorrenti.ff0b5e76-0115-49de-8813-43e018817f56

You can also see video from the shoot on Italian Vogue’s website (the source of this image):

#Legend Magazine April 2016

In their first fashion shoot together since 2001, Yasmin and Simon are featured on the cover of the April issue of Hong Kong-based magazine #Legend, with several additional pages and an interview together inside.12916739_446124372263626_611361634702452208_o Some tidbits from the interview, which you can read in full on #Legend‘s website:

Simon: “I think things are very stable at the moment in music. It seems quite institutionalised, with the success of stuff like The Voice, The X Factor and Pop Idol. The scope for rebellion is really big now. There’s a lot for young people to kick against. I think we’re due for a big, big musical rebellion right now. And I’m looking forward to it. I won’t be part of it, but I’ll definitely watch it.”


Why we will never see him as a judge on The Voice: “I don’t want to be part of the establishment. It feels like giving in. I also think it chips away at your credibility with your fans and your ability to be free and honest. It’s a taint. It’s money. It’s tainted money and it’s not good for artists.”


Yasmin, on her favorite Duran song, which changes constantly and are “never singles”: “I’m very lucky. I’m never alone: when I’m missing Simon, I’ve got his voice always.”


Do they use Skype when they’re travelling?  Yasmin says that she was hesitant at first, because, as she said, “When you really are away from somebody, you have to protect yourself a little bit, distance yourself a tiny bit, kind of steel yourself for that time away. Otherwise you become very, very emotional.”  When they tried it for the first time, “I remember him being far, far away and he decided that he was going to put the camera on. He put the camera on – and burst into tears. And I said: ‘Right, that’s it. That’s exactly what I knew was going to happen.'”


Simon talks about his commitment to Blue Marine Foundation, a cause to which Yasmin is also devoted: “We’re becoming more and more aware now of how much the seas have been overfished. Have you ever had a holiday in the Mediterranean? The kids say they don’t want to go swimming because there are too many jellyfish in the water. That is a direct result of over-fishing, because a lot of the animals that feed on the jellyfish larvae, mainly tuna and turtles, have ended up on tables. The rate at which the seas are being cleared of life is unsustainable. We will end up with a jellyfish-infested toilet to swim in.”


Does petrol-head Yasmin own any classic cars?  “I don’t. I have them all in my head, thank you very much, which means they’re fantastic on maintenance, servicing and storing. I buy a lot of magazines that I have to say the family are getting really sick of. I’ve become like the crazy old lady with magazines.”


Why Simon is not a fan of Kindles: “I prefer paper books because when you finish it, you can give it to someone. You can’t do that with a Kindle. Also, when you read a book that’s made out of paper, you leave a trail. You’ve got a thumbed page, a smudge on it, or a coffee ring. I think there’s something very human about it.”


Also, don’t miss their video interview on #Legend’s website!

FYI, Duran Duran is currently on tour in the USA supporting their latest album Paper Gods.  See them near you, if you can – always a fun show.

Image credits:
Photographer: Robert Astley Sparke
Stylist: Roberta Resta
Make-up: Liz Daxauer, Caren Agency London
Hair: Hamilton
Photography assistant: Hugo Knapp
Styling assistants:Carolina Cecchet and Yiting Zhang
Retouching: Eduardo Ardoneto
Location: Blakes Hotel

Giorgio Armani New Normal spring/summer 2016

Earlier today in Paris, Giorgio Armani unveiled his spring/summer 2016 campaign for his New Normal line, featuring Yasmin along with models Eva Herzigova, Stella Tennant, and Nadja Auermann and photographed by the iconic Peter Lindbergh.giogioarmaninewnormal16springsummer01The four women, who range in age from 42 to 51, incarnate the classic spirit of Giorgio Armani, with windswept hair and minimal makeup.  As Mr. Armani said in a press release, ‘For this campaign, I wanted four iconic women with strong personalities to show that feminine beauty is ageless. I chose Peter Lindbergh, with whom I have collaborated several times, because his photographs are timeless and are true to real life. I wanted to convey a sense of reality, of clothes that offer natural elegance and the normality of everyday life.’

This marks Yasmin’s first appearance in an Armani campaign, although she did walk in some of his fashion shows in the late 1980’s.


Happy 30th anniversary, Simon and Yasmin!

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most enduring celebrity marriages, Yasmin and Simon Le Bon!  The couple wed on 27th December 1985 in a quiet ceremony with family and friends in an Oxford register office (the bride wearing a grey and white mohair dress that she had purchased at the last minute), having had their first date the preceding spring at a film premiere after Simon famously spotted her in a photographer’s portfolio and instantly fell for her.

What’s their secret?  Aside from spending a lot of time apart (“You can support someone, but you have to go off and have your own life,” Yasmin has said, adding that she would have “murdered him” if they had to live out of each other’s pockets), it is love, dedication, hard work, and laughter that has kept them together.  Yasmin cites her parents’ relationship as being an important influence in her life: “[They] stayed together through thick and thin for 44 years.  I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that taught me not to be frightened of it.  In retrospect, that had a big impact on me, because throwing in the towel at the first hurdle has never been on the agenda for me.”  As Simon said a few years ago, “I guess I’m really lucky that I picked somebody really bloody good in the first place.  She’s great fun, fantastic, beautiful, and we laugh all the time.  It’s not always easy at all.  But I really want to stay married for life.  People are led to believe that if it’s not perfect then just ditch it and change it these days.  That’s a f***ing mistake.”

Thirty years on, their love does not seem to have dampened.  Earlier this year, Simon said, “It’s actually very cool being married to Yasmin. Not only is it great just to wake up and look at her in the mornings, it’s great seeing the effect she has on other people, men and women. I just think, ‘That’s my girl.’  I’ve got a lot of affection and I show it. It’s funny but I’m really looking forward to going home and seeing her this evening.”  “There are times when Simon’s on tour and we haven’t seen each other for weeks, and we miss each other desperately, so I fly out to him,” Yasmin said a few years ago.  “I still fancy Simon.  I always think he’s the best-looking guy in the room.”

To many more!

Thirty+ years of photos…

Travels to My Elephant – update

Many of you might have heard that Yasmin injured herself during the Travels to My Elephant Race that she participated in with Amber about 2 weeks ago.  In response to what is being said on social media, I wanted to share one of the few truly “official” stories on what happened, in Amber’s own words from an email she sent out recently to those who donated to their fundraiser:

You may have been wondering why we have been so quiet recently, very unfortunately we had an accident Day 1 of the challenge and sadly we had to say goodbye to our very cute little auto-rickshaw. We had some minor scrapes but Mama broke her shoulder and three ribs so we had to travel back to London.
Sitting on the plane thinking about how much fun everyone else was having, feeling a little sorry for ourselves, we realised that we had NO photos of our motorised friend!

The morning had been such a rush to find our rickshaw and get started, that we assumed we’d have later to take pictures. Over the next two to three weeks we will be trying to see if anyone else has any footage of us, and will be trying to pull together any pictures that we can. For the moment, all that we have are some pictures from the journey there and our temple visit in Khajuraho, which was wonderful.

I will leave you with […] our appreciation for your generosity. The charity does amazing things that have a real effect for large animals in India, not just the elephants.
You guys have been so wonderful helping us to support the charity that we love, and giving us the confidence to go out there and try. We didn’t even get a chance to argue at all!

I have not heard from Yasmin personally, but it sounds like she is doing much better and enjoying her recovery.

Amber shared a few photos on her Instagram account.

For anyone who intended to give to their fundraiser but have not yet done so, they are still accepting donations at  So far, they have raised an amazing £31,214.72 for Elephant Family and Quintessentially Foundation.  All funds donated go towards these organizations, which are dedicated to preserving the dwiindling numbers of Asian elephants to try to save them from otherwise inevitable extinction.

Yasmin launches new style book in collaboration with Heathrow

27th October, 2015, London, UK – Globally-renowned British supermodel, Yasmin Le Bon, took centre stage at Heathrow to launch new coffee table book, A Journey in Style, visiting the T5 departure lounge and T5 Art Gallery, which is also exhibiting some of the images from the limited edition book. Available to buy from and at the Gallery itself, A Journey in Style sees Yasmin collaborating with the UK’s hub airport to celebrate the enduring relationship between fashion and flying and the arrival of the Chanel store in Terminal 5; capturing stunning images of the jet-set, through to today’s style elite.

A Journey in Style has been created to mark the completion of a three year £40 million programme to bring together the most luxurious fashion brands in the world at Terminal 5 and cement its fashionable reputation amongst frequent flyers. Completing the line-up, and joining Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Cartier and Rolex in Terminal 5, will be Chanel, which opens its doors to customers in December. Once open, the terminal will boast a collection of 23 fashion and luxury brands, each of which has been beautifully re-designed to echo the store’s flagship location.

Boasting renowned Fashion Editor, Elizabeth Walker, as Art Director, the book includes over 160 stunning images, capturing and celebrating the glamour of air travel from stylish departures and statement arrivals through to the chicest of destinations. The glossy pages feature some of the most iconic style influencers of all time – from screen sirens, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich; music legends, Mick Jagger and The Beatles; to queen of the catwalk, Kate Moss and HRH herself, Queen Elizabeth II.

The hardback book, the proceeds of which will go to Oxfam, also features one of the most iconic faces of the Swinging Sixties, Twiggy, on its cover. In an image that sees her waiting to board a flight to Tokyo in 1967, the doe-eyed model, sporting her signature pixie crop, exudes classic glamour.

The introduction for A Journey in Style was written by Yasmin Le Bon, whose modelling career spans over 30 years. Yasmin has fronted campaigns for Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and Karl Lagerfeld, walked the catwalk for Chanel and Chloé and graced the cover of Vogue magazine 11 times. Yasmin has also been photographed countless times travelling through Heathrow, flying to international fashion shows, travelling with her family and accompanying her husband, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran fame, on worldwide tours.

Commenting on the book, Yasmin said: “There’s something fabulously glamorous about flying that has always fascinated me and to this day I still get excited about travelling. From the starlets of the 50s stepping onto the runway in their oversized sunglasses and trollies stacked with monogrammed luggage, to today’s style icons, air travel has always been packed with stylish possibility.”

“The book includes stunning archive images from some of the world’s most renowned photographers, including Dennis Stone, Heathrow’s resident photographer since 1946 – and there’s even one or two of myself in there! It’s been hugely enjoyable working with the team to celebrate the unique relationship between style and flying and to see the book come together. I’ll definitely be keeping a copy on my coffee table.”

A selection of the images will also be on display in the T5 Art Gallery for four weeks to mark the launch of the book. The exhibition will feature an array of the stunning images, including the cover shot of Twiggy, the always glamorous Joan Collins with her teetering tower of designer luggage, the ever-stylish Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood.

Jonathan Coen, Retail Director at Heathrow said: “Heathrow and fashion have long gone hand-in-hand, as the launch of A Journey in Style proves. While we’ve always been known for the quality of our retail experience, our recent programme has expanded our luxury fashion and accessories offering to 23 premium stores, rivalling some of the most exclusive shopping destinations in the UK.”

A Journey in Style is the perfect Christmas gift for fans of fashion, travel and vintage glamour, and is available on and at Terminal 5’s Art Gallery in departures for £15. Anyone wanting to tweet about the campaign can use #JetSetStyle.


The book is available at and at the T5 Art Gallery at Heathrow airport for £15, with proceeds going to Oxfam.

Many thanks to Heathrow Media Centre and Lindsey at TLC Casting for the press release and photos.