Yasmin speaking out against CMA ruling

Yasmin is speaking out against last Friday’s ruling by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) against a number of UK modelling agencies, including Yasmin’s longtime agency Models 1, for price collusion.  Working as a model for over 30 years, few know the modelling industry and the agencies’ position as an important liaison between models and clients better than Yasmin; and her statement both defends how supportive Models 1 has been to her throughout all stages of her career and responds to some of the misunderstandings that are reflected in the CMA’s findings:

“I have been with Models1 since the beginning of my career in 1983 and, during that time, I have been nurtured, protected and taught how to become the model I am today.  In the early part of my career, I had to work hard to build my portfolio and this entailed doing jobs for very little money. Had it not been for the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the agency I would not have sustained a career in the industry.

“Modelling is a profession and it is hard work.  It takes time and commitment to build a career and the AMA [Association of Model Agents], with its agents, have always sought to protect young models from exploitation, but also from clients who are under pressure to pay increasingly low fees. Regrettably models don’t work every day and a little has to go a very long way especially at the beginning of one’s career.

“Responsible modelling agencies work to very high standards and protect young and inexperienced people from being exploited.”

“Good modelling agencies protect the rights of all models to make a living.”

Models 1, Premier, and Storm, three of the agencies that are the subject of the alleged misconduct in the CMA’s judgment, immediately issued a statement that they will be appealing the ruling.  Among their arguments are that the CMA’s conclusions are not based in fact and suggest a miscomprehension of the complexities of the industry and fundamental market characteristics, and that the role of modelling agencies has been to protect and develop models’ careers, not drive up or fix prices.

In this 2009 video, filmed for the Association of Model Agents, Yasmin talks about the connection she feels to her agency, how people can develop a misunderstanding of the modeling industry, and how the AMA can help aspiring models and their parents.