Yasmin and Amber in Westfield London Fashion’s Night Out show

On September 6th, Yasmin and daughter Amber joined Jade Jagger to appear in a special catwalk show at Westfield London in celebration of Fashion’s Night Out London.  While this is not the first time that mother and daughter have shared the catwalk (most recently for Chanel last December), Yasmin admitted that she still found it rather strange: “I mean, it’s wonderful, it’s fantastic to come here together but it is quite odd,” she told Getty after the event.  “I see her walking down and I think, ‘I’m sure I’m not really meant to be here…’ (laughs) ‘…not sure I’m still meant to do shows with my daughter.’  But it’s cool, you know… it’s fantastic.  I’m very happy I still can.”

While she may modestly wonder if she is too old for the catwalk, Yasmin’s poise and confident bearing as well as her serene beauty and affable demeanor will hopefully continue to leave her in demand for years to come.

Check out more interview clips with Yasmin and Amber (including Yasmin’s inspiration for her recent haircut) at Getty, plus video and interviews from the show on Westfield’s YouTube channel and more catwalk clips at MyDaily.

Visit Yasmin’s official site (this one!) to see more images of Yasmin and Amber from the show and off the catwalk.