World Oceans Day

As ambassador to BLUE Marine Foundation, Yasmin is committed to helping resolve the largest solvable problem on earth: the crisis in the world’s ocean.

In conjunction with this year’s World Oceans Day on June 8th, Yasmin has participated in a three minute long video, produced in partnership with Crème de la Mer UK and Ireland and the BLUE Marine Foundation, in which she calls upon us to recognize the significance of the ocean in our daily lives and why we should make its protection a priority.

Over half the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean.  That’s every second breath we take.

The ocean’s future is our future.  But irresponsible human activity is destroying the very life that sustains us.

Now more than ever, the ocean needs our help.  The BLUE Marine Foundation is committed to protecting this most precious resource.  It needs your support.  Together, we have a real chance to solve the global crisis in the ocean and breathe life back into the sea.

To learn more about this important cause and how you can help, visit BLUE Marine Foundation.