CODE by Donald Edge

Yasmin has been revealed as the face of CODE by Donald Edge, the latest collection by the respected and notable British jeweller.  The design of the customisable pieces is based on Morse code, with diamonds and other precious stones set in “dots” and “dashes.”

Her favourite piece is the “Love Is a Moment In Time” necklace (above), about which she said “For somebody who doesn’t wear necklaces a lot, I really do love [it]. It’s so easy to wear, it’s so light; I nearly actually walked off with it quite happily. I nearly got away with it too! It doesn’t seem like it’s an occasion wear piece, even though it is very very twinkly, very sparkly, it’s something I feel like I could wear all the time.”

The edgy campaign that mixes shimmer with masculinity was photographed by Kate Martin, who previously shot Yasmin at home with her dogs for Country & Town House.

Shop these utterly unique pieces today at CODE by Donald Edge.