#Legend Magazine April 2016

In their first fashion shoot together since 2001, Yasmin and Simon are featured on the cover of the April issue of Hong Kong-based magazine #Legend, with several additional pages and an interview together inside.12916739_446124372263626_611361634702452208_o Some tidbits from the interview, which you can read in full on #Legend‘s website:

Simon: “I think things are very stable at the moment in music. It seems quite institutionalised, with the success of stuff like The Voice, The X Factor and Pop Idol. The scope for rebellion is really big now. There’s a lot for young people to kick against. I think we’re due for a big, big musical rebellion right now. And I’m looking forward to it. I won’t be part of it, but I’ll definitely watch it.”


Why we will never see him as a judge on The Voice: “I don’t want to be part of the establishment. It feels like giving in. I also think it chips away at your credibility with your fans and your ability to be free and honest. It’s a taint. It’s money. It’s tainted money and it’s not good for artists.”


Yasmin, on her favorite Duran song, which changes constantly and are “never singles”: “I’m very lucky. I’m never alone: when I’m missing Simon, I’ve got his voice always.”


Do they use Skype when they’re travelling?  Yasmin says that she was hesitant at first, because, as she said, “When you really are away from somebody, you have to protect yourself a little bit, distance yourself a tiny bit, kind of steel yourself for that time away. Otherwise you become very, very emotional.”  When they tried it for the first time, “I remember him being far, far away and he decided that he was going to put the camera on. He put the camera on – and burst into tears. And I said: ‘Right, that’s it. That’s exactly what I knew was going to happen.'”


Simon talks about his commitment to Blue Marine Foundation, a cause to which Yasmin is also devoted: “We’re becoming more and more aware now of how much the seas have been overfished. Have you ever had a holiday in the Mediterranean? The kids say they don’t want to go swimming because there are too many jellyfish in the water. That is a direct result of over-fishing, because a lot of the animals that feed on the jellyfish larvae, mainly tuna and turtles, have ended up on tables. The rate at which the seas are being cleared of life is unsustainable. We will end up with a jellyfish-infested toilet to swim in.”


Does petrol-head Yasmin own any classic cars?  “I don’t. I have them all in my head, thank you very much, which means they’re fantastic on maintenance, servicing and storing. I buy a lot of magazines that I have to say the family are getting really sick of. I’ve become like the crazy old lady with magazines.”


Why Simon is not a fan of Kindles: “I prefer paper books because when you finish it, you can give it to someone. You can’t do that with a Kindle. Also, when you read a book that’s made out of paper, you leave a trail. You’ve got a thumbed page, a smudge on it, or a coffee ring. I think there’s something very human about it.”


Also, don’t miss their video interview on #Legend’s website!

FYI, Duran Duran is currently on tour in the USA supporting their latest album Paper Gods.  See them near you, if you can – always a fun show.

Image credits:
Photographer: Robert Astley Sparke
Stylist: Roberta Resta
Make-up: Liz Daxauer, Caren Agency London
Hair: Hamilton
Photography assistant: Hugo Knapp
Styling assistants:Carolina Cecchet and Yiting Zhang
Retouching: Eduardo Ardoneto
Location: Blakes Hotel

Happy 30th anniversary, Simon and Yasmin!

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most enduring celebrity marriages, Yasmin and Simon Le Bon!  The couple wed on 27th December 1985 in a quiet ceremony with family and friends in an Oxford register office (the bride wearing a grey and white mohair dress that she had purchased at the last minute), having had their first date the preceding spring at a film premiere after Simon famously spotted her in a photographer’s portfolio and instantly fell for her.

What’s their secret?  Aside from spending a lot of time apart (“You can support someone, but you have to go off and have your own life,” Yasmin has said, adding that she would have “murdered him” if they had to live out of each other’s pockets), it is love, dedication, hard work, and laughter that has kept them together.  Yasmin cites her parents’ relationship as being an important influence in her life: “[They] stayed together through thick and thin for 44 years.  I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that taught me not to be frightened of it.  In retrospect, that had a big impact on me, because throwing in the towel at the first hurdle has never been on the agenda for me.”  As Simon said a few years ago, “I guess I’m really lucky that I picked somebody really bloody good in the first place.  She’s great fun, fantastic, beautiful, and we laugh all the time.  It’s not always easy at all.  But I really want to stay married for life.  People are led to believe that if it’s not perfect then just ditch it and change it these days.  That’s a f***ing mistake.”

Thirty years on, their love does not seem to have dampened.  Earlier this year, Simon said, “It’s actually very cool being married to Yasmin. Not only is it great just to wake up and look at her in the mornings, it’s great seeing the effect she has on other people, men and women. I just think, ‘That’s my girl.’  I’ve got a lot of affection and I show it. It’s funny but I’m really looking forward to going home and seeing her this evening.”  “There are times when Simon’s on tour and we haven’t seen each other for weeks, and we miss each other desperately, so I fly out to him,” Yasmin said a few years ago.  “I still fancy Simon.  I always think he’s the best-looking guy in the room.”

To many more!

Thirty+ years of photos…

Harper’s Bazaar Bride India April 2015

Yasmin and Amber were photographed for the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar Bride India at the Jaipur Polo Grounds in New Delhi, where Yasmin and Simon served as judges at the Cartier “Travel With Style” Concours d’Elégance classic auto and motorcycle exhibition this past March.  All three Le Bons were also interviewed for the magazine, in which they muse on classic cars, marriage, and jewellery.

“Vintage Vignettes”
Harper’s Bazaar Bride India April 2015
photographer: Amit Sharma
fashion editor: Ayesha Amin Nigam
hair and makeup: Chandni Singh

Yasmin and Simon Le Bon support Comic Relief *updated*

UPDATED 17th March 2013: The Blue Steel Appeal auctions have ended.  The highest bid on the dog walk with the Le Bons was £3,433.00 (just over €4000 and US$5000); and Yasmin’s Temperley dress, £240.90 (about €282 and US$364).  Both auctions raised a total of £3679.90 to benefit Red Nose Day and Comic Relief.  Congratulations to the winners!

Male model and spokesman David Gandy has recruited many of his fashionable friends to donate items and unique experiences for Blue Steel Appeal in benefit of Comic Relief, a charity endeavor dedicated to changing lives across the UK and Africa through the power of entertainment.

Yasmin and her three dogs

The Le Bons have donated an opportunity for a very exclusive meet and greet, in which the winner can spend an hour with the couple while walking their dogs through London’s beautiful Richmond Park.  100% of the final sale price will benefit Comic Relief.  You can place your bid on eBay.

Yasmin has also donated one of her Temperley dresses, modeled in this photo by the lovely Amber Le Bon.  Bid on it on eBay.

The auctions run through March 17th, and Gandy promises that new items will be added on a regular basis.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel premiere

On September 19th, Yasmin (wearing a Peter Pilotto skirt) and Simon attended the gala premiere of Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel at the Curzon Mayfair in London.  The documentary film tells the story of the great fashion editor and columnist, who was one of the most influential figures in fashion and style from her start at Harper’s Bazaar in 1937 until her death in 1989.

Learn more about the film, watch the trailer, and check out showtimes during its limited run on the official site.


See additional photos of the Le Bons at the premiere here.

Goodwood Revival 2012

Yasmin and Simon were among the thousands who attended the Goodwood Revival in Chichester this past weekend.  The annual festival, advertised as “a magical step back in time,” celebrates the golden era of motor sports from the 1940s to the 1960s by offering its visitors the chance to see some of the most impressive vehicles of motoring history up-close and in action on the racing course.  Guests are invited to take in the full experience by dressing in period costume and leaving the “modern world” behind.

The Le Bons definitely embraced the spirit of the event, as can be seen in these photos.  Simon tweeted his highlights, which included a number of races, a tribute to racing legend Dan Gurney, and a reuniting of pre-war “Silver Arrows” Grand Prix cars, an experience which many found the most momentous of the Revival.


Yasmin and Simon attend a Park Hyatt Event

On September 11th, Yasmin and Simon joined friends Tim Jefferies and Elle Macpherson for a Park Hyatt Event at Hamiltons Gallery in London, of which Jefferies is the gallery owner.  The gallery was the perfect backdrop for the event, which celebrated the esteemed hotel brand’s reputation for elegance and luxury.

For more information and photos, visit The Grifco Blog.

Remake, remodel…

Yasmin is rocking the daring new haircut trend of the undercut this summer, belying her 47 years and reinventing herself in the process.  She told Grazia, “Luke Hersheson did it.  He’s brilliant and wasn’t frightened or intimidated by chopping it all off.”

This is not her first flirtation with short locks, having previously cropped her more familiar long hair in 1993 and 2002.

Check out more photos of Yasmin with her new coupe in the 2012 personal galleries.